Lafayette, Nous Voilà: Honoring Armistice as an Alliance

By Adm. James Foggo, Commander of NATO’s Allied Joint Force Command and U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa

On Saturday we will commemorate the anniversary of the armistice that silenced what began as “the guns of August” and evolved into the greatest war the world had ever seen. The First World War engulfed Europe in bloody conflict. One hundred years ago in 1917 the young American Expeditionary Forces sailed to Europe where they joined the armies of liberty. “Lafayette, Nous Voilà!” Allies, we are here–together.

Suresnes American Cemetery is the final resting place for more than 1,500 Americans who gave their lives in World War I. Photo Credit: American Battle Monuments Commission.


Several leaders from my command will participate in Veterans Day commemorative events. I will be speaking at the Suresnes American Cemetery on Mont Valérien in Paris, where 1,565 U.S. heroes rest in peace. Veterans Day presents us with a solemn moment to honor the ultimate sacrifices made by our bravest, but also to reignite our common sense of purpose. In honoring them, we are reminded of our humanity.

They crossed the Atlantic to a foreign land to fight for the cause of liberty. They demonstrated courage and commitment– the same type of unwavering commitment we continue to make today as members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Our commitment to NATO is rock solid. We stand ready to support our Allies, our friends.

On November 11, my team will honor the past. We will honor the heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom. They are the eternal wardens who helped shape the vision for Europe: whole, free and at peace. By honoring our past, we secure our future.  #WeAreNato #Armistice  #11Novembre