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Battle of Midway lecture offers fascinating detail into US Navy victory

SBD “Dauntless” dive bombers from USS Hornet (CV-8) approaching the burning Japanese heavy cruiser Mikuma to make the third set of attacks on her, during the early afternoon of 6 June 1942.
Mikuma had been hit earlier by strikes from Hornet and USS Enterprise (CV-6), leaving her dead in the water and fatally damaged.
Photo was enlarged from a 16mm color motion picture film.
Note bombs hung beneath these planes.
Official U.S. Navy Photograph, National Archives Collection.


By Naval History and Heritage Command staff

It was all about timing. From the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo in April, the Battle of Coral Sea in May to the Battle of Midway in June.

Thomas C. Hone, editor of “The Battle of Midway: The Naval Institute Guide to the U.S. Navy’s Greatest Victory,” gives an enthusiastic and energetic talk about the battle that crippled the Japanese navy just six months after their surprise attack at Pearl Harbor.

Hone, who spoke Nov. 7 at the National Museum of the United States Navy’s lunchtime lecture, provides tidbits and details that help weave together how each action created a reaction that set the stage for the battle that takes out four Japanese carriers while the U.S. Navy lost but one.

The consistent thread throughout, however, was the superior intelligence that gave the United States the information necessary to catch the Imperial Navy off guard.

Grab a cup of Joe and settle in. Hone’s engaging way of speaking and his smattering of little-known trivia is worth the less-than-an-hour lecture.

Since the video was taped to feature Dr. Hone, please check out the video at http://ow.ly/r6j0l and the slides that are attached to this blog here. Thomas C. Hone Battle of Midway lecture