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National Military Appreciation Month #StoryofService

This month we celebrated National Military Appreciation Month. We asked you to share a photo of you or your favorite Sailor along with a brief description. Well, you delivered! Here are some of the stories you shared:


“My father served in the Navy during WWII, this is him and some fellow sailors, father is on the right at the rail. His ship was built here in Stockton Ca.”


“Four generations of service in the US Navy. Top row (L-R): My niece, ET3 Ashley Currier, currently serving on the USS Stockdale (DDG-106). The next pic is of me, I served from 1983-1987 on the USS Samuel Gompers (AD-37) & the USS Cape Cod (AD-43) I was a BM2. My brother Matthew Tudor, ET2 (SS), served from 1987-1997 on the USS Houston (SSN-713) and at the DRSV unit at Pt. Loma. Bottom row (L-R): My father, Ronald Tudor, BMSN on the USS Midway (CV-41) and my grandfather Arlis Tudor, GM3 (DT), he served on the USS Artisan (ABSD-5) during WWII in the Pacific.”


“Myself, Radioman third class Donald Leger operating amateur radio station KC4USX Williams Field Antarctica, during Operation Deepfreeze 1971-72. “Phone patches” from the station were the only means of communication with loved ones while deployed during the austral summer.”


“Paul Thorell, my grandfather, received the Navy & Marine Corp medal for Heroism “For heroic conduct in assisting in the rescue of two officers and 29 enlisted men of the USS TETON on 9/18/45. Following the sinking of an LCP transporting a liberty party from Yokohama to Tokyo Bay, Thorell assisted several weak swimmers of the party to an island in the bay. In addition, he voluntarily swam a distance of a mile despite high winds and heavy seas to give the alarm aboard the TETON, thereby contributing to the rescue of all personnel from the liberty boat. His outstanding courage and initiative were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.”


“My father, Edward Lee, Torpedoman and Plankowner on the U.S.S. Shangri La (CV 38). This is his graduation photo from Torpedoman “A” School. Served 1944 – 1946. I broke the mold of my grandfather and father. I retired from the U.S.C.G as a CWO4 (Bosn).”


“My son spreading my father’s ashes on invasion beach on Iwo Ito (Jima) in 2011.”


“My dad served from 1954-58. MM3. I served from 1982-2003.”


“Preparing for unrep aboard the USS Cogswell DD651, somewhere in the Tonkin Gulf in 1968.”


“This is me on the left. Just retired from the US Navy after 20 glorious years. This picture is from my recent deployment recieving my 5th NAM onboard the USS Makin Island. I am with my protege now IS1 Casey Jones. Go Navy! Regards, CTM1(IDW/SW/AW) Jayson N Mallari, USN(RET).”


“Layton P Sutton from Corbin, KY. Great Lakes 1944 He took Beach Party training in San Diego and went aboard The USS Fond du Lac (APA-166) on her first cruise in 1945. F/F 2/c then M/M 3/C.”


“Great Lakes Company 340 – July 1960.”


“My pops 1953-57 rip :(“


“This is me on the left in 1985 with Quanah Dykes, Rad Pfancuff and then Capt. Russel Marlor at Naval Hospital, Groton.”


“My grandfather Russell standing on the right mm I think it’s 1942 he was in Cuba but not sure.”


“My dad, Chief Boiler Technician Bill Bashaw. Not sure which ship this was, probably either USS Leahy or USS Mississinewa.”


“AS division im4 U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt. 1999 cruise.”


“Memphis, ASE “A” school 1968.”


“TACRON 21 DET 2 USS Battaan 2001. On our way to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.”


“My son US NAVY

Note: my father, my son’s dad and my son all graduated from Great Lakes

Thank you to ALL service men and women!”