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Roland Dickson: “1979-80 Deployment USS Kitty Hawk off the coast of Iran during hostage crises. I was in VF-51 Screaming Eagles (Tomcats)”

Veterans Day – Fan Photo Edition

By Naval History and Heritage Command Communication and Outreach Division.

America asks a lot of its Sailors – sometimes even to fight and die for our country. It is our charge to honor all those who have served, and to continue to preserve and share our Navy’s rich history and heritage to help inspire future generations.

Leading up to Veterans Day, we asked our Facebook fans to share a photo of their favorite Veteran with a brief story or description of each image. As usual – YOU CAME THROUGH! Check out some of what was sent in here:

Francis O’Day: “Four generations. WW ll, Vietnam, Persian Gulf.”


Joe Stokes: “My father and I. Joe Stokes Sr. And Jr. He was in WWII CB, I was on the USS Saratoga.”


Scott Dickson: “This this is my wonderful wife Diana Dickson who was a BM3 on the YO-223 at Port Services, NAVSTA Long Beach in 1987-1990. We met at NTC Great Lakes and just celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. We were a proud, dual service couple.”


Doug McCoy: “1984 aboard the USS America with my buddy Mel”


Janine Spencer Thiemann: “1991 Desert Storm Homecoming for the USS Saratoga. My husband was AO and met our youngest daughter here for the first time. She was five months old.”


Roland Dickson: “1979-80 Deployment USS Kitty Hawk off the coast of Iran during hostage crises. I was in VF-51 Screaming Eagles (Tomcats)”


Sharon Dolan Steelhammer: “Owen C Dolan Pearl Harbor survivor years of service 1940- 1970”


Emmalee Mariner: “My mom, Captain Rosemary Mariner- this blurb is from a feature in Glamour magazine in March 1982! She served for another twenty years and became the first female military aviator to achieve command of an operational air squadron.”


Patricia Disse Martin: “My husband Philip Micheal Anthony Martin re enlisting onboard the Coral Sea in 1974. He served 1970-78. Three tours of Vietnam, then Turkey and Greece. Back injury and Agent Orange neuropathy ended his Navy career. He is a Bronze Star and Combat Action Ribbon recipient. He is six years post treatments for two concurrent agent orange related cancers. Thank you to all for serving.”


Holly Moore: “This is my mom and dad – both of them were in the Navy. He was a pilot and she was a re-fueler.”


Edward James Lucio: “March 2016. I’m on the far right holding the stripe end of the flag during ICEX 2016 at the North Pole as a member of the USS Hartford SSN-768. Also pictured are members of the Royal Navy who rode onboard.”


Bonnie Brundage Ross: “My daughter Alexandra B. Ross, who served in the U.S. Navy from 12/12 to 12/16. She was an MA. The photo was taken when she was stationed in Cuba, for 3 years at GITMO. We get a kick out of the photo, because everyone thinks it is a “wild” snake, but it was actually a shipmates pet, lol! She followed in her maternal grandfather Joseph L. Brundages’ footsteps, who joined the U.S. Navy when he was 17, served as gunners mate on an LST during WWII, and was stationed in Japan after the war was over. Also her paternal grandfather Richard Ross, who served in the British Navy during WWII on a Norwegian tanker in the Atlantic as a radioman. He met his wife in N.Y.C. during the war, and after the war they got married, and he became a U.S. citizen.”


Michael Mossman: “My beautiful Navy Nurse: LT Donna Schneeman Mossman, USN 1968 – 1971.”


Buzz Adams: “1968 Marine, Buzz Adams up on the DMZ in Vietnam , leader of a 3 man ANGLICO team finding targets for the Navy ships that were just offshore. One of those ships was the battleship New Jersey.”


Hugh R. Heinsohn: “My mother Rosemary Heinsohn (maiden name Grubb) early in her Navy service. I believe she did her basic training in Bainbridge.”