June 3, 2020

Great Lake: The Fascinating History of NNSY's World War II Aircraft Carrier USS Lake Champlain

Photos Courtesy of Marcus Robbins, Shipyard HistorianBefore it became a facility dedicated to maintenance and modernization almost 70 years ago, Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY) used to build ships. In the case of World War II, sometimes 27,000-ton ones.June 3 will mark the 75th anniversary of commissioning the NNSY aircraft carrier USS Lake Champlain

May 31, 2019

Norfolk Naval Shipyard Supported D-Day With Building, Modernizing Five Different Types Of Ships

A 50-mile stretch of beaches determined the fate of the western world. Many know the fundamental facts about D-Day, marking its 75th anniversary this year. It was the day more than 155,000 American, British and Canadian forces stormed five beaches along 50 miles of heavily fortified coast in France's Normandy region. D-Day spurred the critical

April 20, 2016

How Fear, Deception and Indecision Nearly Destroyed Norfolk Naval Shipyard

The United States Navy's oldest, largest and most multifaceted industrial facility is just a buck and change shy of its 250th anniversary in November 2017. But as flames consumed the structures and ships of Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY) the evening of April 20, 1861, its future was very much in doubt.Photo #: NH 59179 Destruction of the United