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Jan. 9, 2018

Commanding the Waves: The Legacy of Surface Warfare Officers

The United States Navy is known for a colorful and illustrious history with opportunities in numerous warfare communities. But since its inception, the Navy has been known for fighting on the high-seas, and surface warfare remains our heart and soul. Much like it was 242 years ago, sea control is the precondition to all other Navy

July 15, 2015

Navy Legend - John Paul Jones

The Right Stuff: What Makes A Navy Legend - Actions or Attributes?If you ask any Sailor to name a favorite Navy legend, you'll likely get as many names to field an entire squadron of naval heroes - including a few ships. So we're asking you - the Sailor, veteran and reader - to offer up one of your own favorite legends, with a reason or two as to

June 12, 2015

A Nod to the American Flag's Naval DNA

First Recognition of the American Flag by a Foreign Government, February 14, 1778  Painting in oils by Edward Moran, 1898. This image depicts the Continental Navy Ship Ranger, commanded by Captain John Paul Jones, receiving the salute of the French fleet. June 14th is Flag Day, so as we shake out our flags to display our patriotism, let's take a