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Dec. 12, 2022

Admiral Chester Nimitz Takes Command in the Aftermath of Pearl Harbor

On the morning of 16 December 1941, nine days after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Rear Admiral Chester W. Nimitz was working at his desk in the U.S. Navy’s Bureau of Navigation when he was summoned to the office of Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox. Exhausted from working more than a week with little sleep, Nimitz trudged over to Knox’s

April 9, 2019

Konetzni Hall: A Cornerstone of 21st Century Pacific War Fighting Readiness

The U.S. Navy is honoring the forward-thinking Pacific submarine leader who ushered in a parade of changes to the undersea force twenty years ago. The impact of those changes today are proving prescient in what's become a great power competition with China.The Commander, Submarine Squadron 15 (CSS-15) headquarters building in Guam will be named in

May 31, 2017

Innovation and Victory at the Battle of Midway

When I take a look at the arc of history in the Pacific, in particular the history of the Pacific Fleet, one of the things I find most compelling is the immense shift that took place at the Battle of Midway. For decades prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor, our Navy was centered around our battleships. By the time we fought at Midway just six months

June 4, 2016

Reflections on the Battle of Midway from the PACFLT Basement

Editor's note: The following blog was written by Capt. Dale Rielage and first appeared on Station HYPO. Captain Rielage serves as Director for Intelligence and Information Operations for U.S. Pacific Fleet. He has served as 3rd Fleet N2, 7th Fleet Deputy N2, Senior Intelligence Officer for China at the Office of Naval Intelligence and Director of