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A Matter of Honor – History of the Medal of Honor

By Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Tim Comerford, Naval History and Heritage Command Communication Outreach Division For more than 150 years, the Medal of Honor (MoH) has recognized conspicuous gallantry in those who have earned it. Congress authorized U.S. Navy enlisted personnel to wear the nation’s highest honor Dec. 21, …

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Top Dates in Navy’s History?

By Sandy Gall and Joshua L. Wick, Naval History and Heritage Command, Communication and Outreach Division In celebration of more than 240 years of Navy readiness, we ask our fans what they think our most important dates in history are. Every moment in Navy history from the birth of our Navy …

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Find the Good and Do it: Navy’s Response to Hurricane Katrina

Biloxi, Miss. (Sept. 9, 2005) Ð U.S. Navy Sailors assigned to the amphibious dock landing ship USS Whidbey Island (LSD 41) unload supplies brought ashore by a Landing Craft, Air Cushion (LCAC), in support of the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. Sailors are being brought to the beach to support the mission and are doing relief work such as distribution, cleanup and restoration. The Navy's involvement in the Hurricane Katrina humanitarian assistance operations is led by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), in conjunction with the Department of Defense. U.S. Navy photo by Journalist 3rd Class Chris Gethings (RELEASED)

By: Rear Admiral Sinclair M. Harris RDML Harris was the Amphibious Squadron 4/Iwo Jima Strike Group during humanitarian assistance and disaster relief – Hurricanes Katrina/Rita in 2005. On the ten year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation to the gulf coast, we asked him to share his reactions and what he remembered during the …

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USS Forrestal – Trial by Fire

By Chief Damage Controlman (SW/AW) Teddy Yates Recruit Training Command On Saturday July 29, 1967, in the Gulf of Tonkin, the USS Forrestal (CVA 59) is preparing for a strike against targets in North Vietnam when a missile is accidentally fired across the flight deck, hitting an A-4 Skyhawk that is fully …

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Half-Mast or Half-Staff?

From Naval History and Heritage Command, Communication and Outreach Division Blame the British. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, so wrote Shakespeare for his epic teenage romance Romeo and Juliet. That might have flown by people back in the 1600s, but in a day when we …

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MOH Was Just the Beginning for VADM Joel T. Boone’s Navy Career

From Naval History and Heritage Command, Communication and Outreach Division Joel T. Boone might have been the Forest Gump of his day because, if something big was happening, Boone was there. Unlike Gump, though Vice Adm. Boone, wasn’t in the background; he was at the forefront of historical events when he …

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Happy 122nd Birthday Chief Petty Officers!

A message from the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy:Chief Petty Officers,On April 1st, we will celebrate 122 years of excellence. One thing that CPOs have always excelled at, despite the challenges, is our ability to recognize and implement change.  If I could coin one word for this year’s …

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Silent Professionals: History of the Rank of Chief Petty Officer

By Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Daniel Garas Defense Logistics Agency Public Affairs Since the days of antiquity, highly skilled seamen have been prized for their knowledge and skill. As vessels grew more complex, duties began to split into different responsibilities, which evolved into a rating system that was first …

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