Tag: Innovation

March 23, 2022

Essex-Class Aircraft Carriers

As aviation and naval technology advanced in the early-to-mid twentieth century, aircraft became faster and carried heavier weapons. The US Navy responded to these developments by designing the Essex, a new class of aircraft carriers that could accommodate more and bigger planes. From 1942 through 1945, large numbers of the Essex-class, the most

June 14, 2017

19th Century Naval Shipyard Innovation

As the Navy transitioned from wooden sailing vessels to a steam powered fleet, three major innovations - steam power, marine railways, and the shiphouse - changed the tone and development of shipyards during the 19th century. Each of these now seemingly simplistic innovations helped the Navy progress from a few small yards into a global system of

May 31, 2017

Innovation and Victory at the Battle of Midway

When I take a look at the arc of history in the Pacific, in particular the history of the Pacific Fleet, one of the things I find most compelling is the immense shift that took place at the Battle of Midway. For decades prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor, our Navy was centered around our battleships. By the time we fought at Midway just six months