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Jan. 7, 2021

Ringing in the New Year Navy Style

The Naval History and Heritage Command is hereby reviving the tradition of the New Year's Deck Log Poetry contest. The deck log is the official record maintained by all commissioned U.S. Navy vessels. While the contents of a deck log are generally fiercely regulated, the United States Navy has long held the tradition of the Midnight New Year's Day Poem. The first entry of the New Year, written in verse, gives a brief glimpse into the minds of the sailors and shipboard life, and provides a human voice to the otherwise impersonal deck log.

Dec. 31, 2020

Steaming Into the New Year

EDITOR'S NOTE: For many American Sailors, forward-deployed around the world in defense of freedom, it's already 2021. As America gets ready to celebrate the arrival of the New Year, we wanted to share a unique, longstanding U.S. Navy tradition you may not have heard of. U.S. Navy ships maintain a deck log in which they record all the important

Oct. 23, 2020

"Crossing the Line" in the Pacific War

While commemorating the 75th anniversary of the end of World War Two, we reflect on the life of Harry H. Keith, a graduate of the United States Naval Academy in 1923, who commanded several ships over his Navy career. As a member of the staff of General MacArthur, he escaped Corregidor in 1942. Over two years later, he commanded the USS Osage (LSV

Nov. 6, 2019

A Family Tradition

Hugh Wyman Howard's Naval Academy sweater....