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May 6, 2019

Even When All Seems Lost, Sailor Toughness and Resilience Make All the Difference

The Battle of the Coral Sea (May 4-8, 1942) was the first carrier vs. carrier battle in history - the opposing Australian-American and Japanese fleets never sighted each other. Though tactically inconclusive, the battle blunted a Japanese offensive aimed at capturing Port Moresby on the island of New Guinea, a position that would have threated

May 5, 2017

The Battle of The Coral Sea's 75th Anniversary: Intelligence Lessons for Today

May 4th marks the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the Coral Sea, an epic maritime engagement between the U.S. and Imperial Japanese Navies in early World War II.This was history's first sea battle where opposing ships never saw or fired upon each other and only carrier-based aircraft engaged the enemy. The outcome was a tactical draw (each side

May 5, 2017

Battle of the Coral Sea and the Bomb that Changed the Course of the War

Editor's Note: Last night, speaking aboard the museum ship Intrepid at an event honoring the Battle of the Coral Sea, President Donald Trump discussed how impressed he was by the bravery of one American Sailor. It's a sentiment shared by Naval History and Heritage Command Director Sam Cox who recounts the story of the pilot whose honor, courage,

May 6, 2016

Battle of Coral Sea: Toughness in Battle Forges Committed Partners

It was the first sea battle in world history where opposing ships were not in visual range of one another during actual fighting. All damage to the ships was inflicted by aircraft. Secondly, it represented the first time since the Dec. 7th attacks that the enemy advance in the Pacific was halted. And finally, because of the battle's impact, it

May 7, 2014

On Course to Midway: The Battle of Coral Sea

Japanese Aircraft Carrier Shokaku 1941 Courtesy Government of Japan...