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Nov. 5, 2014

Sink or Sail: The Options for a Continental Navy Hurting for Professional Military Sailors

Commodore Esek Hopkins (1718-1802), Commander in Chief of the Continental Navy, 1775-1777. Painting by Orlando S. Lagman, after a 19th Century engraving by J.C. Buttre. Naval History and Heritage Command PhotoAs the American colonies came closer to waging outright war against Great Britain, the Continental Congress was faced with determining how

March 27, 2014

#PlatformsMatter -- The Rebirth of the U.S. Navy: A Fleet of Frigates to Equal None

Yesterday, we outlined how piracy was the catalyst in getting the leadership of the young United States on board with creating a national naval force. As the Barbary Coast pirates continued to either break or try to renegotiate their treaties with the U.S., Congress finally authorized the construction of six frigates at the cost of $688,888.82,