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April 15, 2016

Naval History of Texas

The Texas state motto is "Friendship," and? Texans definitely have a friend in their U.S. Navy, just ask anyone who has served on one of the over 100 ships named in honor of the state! If you believe everything really is bigger in Texas, then you have to learn more about the battleship USS Texas (BB 35). You can even go visit the ship, a member of

April 13, 2016

Naval History of Tennessee

When our U.S. Navy was just 21 years old, Tennessee, named after a Cherokee Indian word for river, was admitted to the union in 1796. Tennessee is known for its great barbeque, the Country Music Hall of Fame, and Elvis Presley.But what connection does Tennessee have to its U.S. Navy?There are at least 20 ships named after cities, places, and people

Sept. 3, 2015

Why Navy History Matters to Utah

With a Naval Supply Depot that supported World War II, a ship named for the state, two ships named for the capital and three ships named for its cities, Navy history is a significant part of Utah's history.Utah's Naval Supply DepotClearfield, Utah was home to the largest Naval Supply Depot in the world by the end of World War II. Commissioned April

Aug. 7, 2015

Why Naval History Matters to Indiana

When you think of the Navy the first thing that comes to your mind is water. From that, no one would expect to think "Navy" when talking about the Midwest. However, naval history is dispersed all across the country. In the Midwest, particularly in Indiana, the history includes ships named after the state, cities, people, and training