July 29, 2015

USS Forrestal - Trial by Fire

On Saturday July 29, 1967, in the Gulf of Tonkin, the USS Forrestal (CVA 59) is preparing for a strike against targets in North Vietnam when a missile is accidentally fired across the flight deck, hitting an A-4 Skyhawk that is fully loaded with fuel and ordinance. Chief Aviation Boatswain's Mate Gerald Farrier grabs a fire extinguisher and rushes

July 24, 2015

Half-Mast or Half-Staff?

Blame the British. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, so wrote Shakespeare for his epic teenage romance Romeo and Juliet. That might have flown by people back in the 1600s, but in a day when we chat in cryptic alphabets and abbreviations, don't let anyone confuse ?half-mast? and ?half-staff.? The Brits and most of Europe, not unlike the

July 24, 2015

A Rare Recovery: CSS Georgia

My work is unique. I am an underwater archeologist, part of a team actually, responsible for the management, research, preservation, and interpretation of the U.S. Navy's sunken military craft. While there is no typical day for me at NHHC, a point that humbles me when I think of the responsibility with which I and my colleagues are entrusted, this

July 20, 2015

To the Moon and Back: An Astronaut Sailor Leads the Nation on a Voyage of Discovery

I wish I had either been born earlier or been a better student of history when I was younger. It wasn't until later in life that I fully grasped the masterful accomplishment of and the national pride in the early space program that, in less than a decade, went from an idea to a man standing on the surface of the moon. Looking back, I remember

July 17, 2015

Old Ship, New Tale: The Story of Conserving Royal Savage

Recently, the remains of an old, and somewhat forgotten, revolutionary war ship, the Royal Savage made their way from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to Washington, D.C. It is a unique experience for an underwater archeologist to partake in the research and preservation of a Revolutionary War - era ship, especially one that directly contributed to our

July 15, 2015

Panama Canal Still Vital to Navy's Mission Today

About a month before the grand opening, and christening, of the Panama Canal, the first American battleships transited the canal. It took nine hours between July 15-16, 1915, for the three dreadnoughts -- Missouri (BB 11), Ohio (BB 12) and Wisconsin (BB 9) -- to complete the passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific.Although they were first

July 15, 2015

Navy Legend - John Paul Jones

The Right Stuff: What Makes A Navy Legend - Actions or Attributes?If you ask any Sailor to name a favorite Navy legend, you'll likely get as many names to field an entire squadron of naval heroes - including a few ships. So we're asking you - the Sailor, veteran and reader - to offer up one of your own favorite legends, with a reason or two as to

July 15, 2015

U.S. Flag Once Featured Stripes of a Different Color

What??We know, it's a lot to take in, but it' true. Our flag has gone through many iterations throughout the years. Changes in stripes, changes in stars and at one point, it even sported a different color stripe beyond the iconic 13 red and white stripes of today.As our country marched ever closer to independence, our flag evolved from the British

July 4, 2015

America, Independence and Freedom: Three Great Names That Go Great With Navy Ships

When many Americans think of the 4th of July, a few words come to mind: Freedom, Independence, America. These words carry a certain weight; they represent power, strength and fortitude. So it's no wonder why some of the greatest U.S. Navy ships have born these names. Since the establishment of America's Navy there have been very few years in which

June 26, 2015

First Female Asian Officer Speaks About Her Naval Service

    What would make Susan Ahn, a young college graduate, join the military following the Pearl Harbor attack?  A daughter's wish to honor her father.    Susan's parents, Dosan Ahn Chang Ho and Helen Ahn, were the first Korean married couple to immigrate to the United States in 1902 following Japanese occupation of their native land. Japan annexed